Open Chords #3

Let’s dig in to more essential open chords! Today we will learn A minor, F, and D minor!


While A minor and D minor use open strings, the F chord we will learn does not. It is still in the open position though, meaning it is low down on the neck, near the head stock.

The F chord will be our first journey into the world of barre chords. While the form we will learn isn’t a “full” barre chord (full barre chords will be another post!) it does require you to barre one finger.

barre chord means that a finger is pressing down more than one note on more than one string at a time. You are using your finger like a flat bar across the strings, so that you can hit more than one at a time.

As you will see in the accompanying PDF, for the F major chord you are required to flatten your index finger, so that it presses down on two strings, the high E and B strings, both on the first fret.

Usually, when barring a finger on multiple strings you won’t have to barre notes on different frets, but there will be much more advanced chords where that is the case!


You can find the PDF with the 3 chords and practice progressions here:

Open Chords 3


Go slowly! Slow and clean will pay off later, but can be frustrating now, but I promise it pays off!

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