Basic Chords

This post will discuss some super basic chords, that are super easy to learn!


You can find the chord work sheet here:

Basic Chords


The 3 chords on this sheet are what is known as power chords. A power chord is a chord that just contains a root, the main letter name of the chord, and its 5th a note that is 5 steps up from the root.

This root/5th relationship is why each chord has the number 5 after its letter, and not just the letter “A”. The 5 tells us it is a power chord. (Power chord is really just sort of a slang term as well).

When playing these chords, strum both strings in a down strum (towards the floor). Try to hit both strings at once, which isn’t physically possible with a pick, one will always sound first, but try to get close.


Tips for Practicing these chords

  • Memorize each one (duh). But really, the most difficult part of learning chords is just remembering which finger goes where. Try to vocalize, and I mean to literally say out loud, where your fingers should go.
  • Practice playing all 3 chords one after the other. See if you can strum each chord just once, then switch to the next, and so on…
  • Play 2 of the power chords back and forth, in groups of 4. Strum each one 4 times, then switch chords
  • When strumming chords and switching between 2 of them, DO NOT stop in between the chords. Don’t give your hand time to rest, do it as quickly as possible! Sometimes you have to just move on, past a mistake, to really learn and progress! A lot of students get hung up on a little mistake, which ends up preventing them from progressing! (Obviously at more advanced stages this won’t work, you have to be able to execute something perfectly, but in the very beginning you should see past mistakes).


Have fun practicing these chords, more will be on the way soon!

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