1234 Exercise

In today’s post we are going to cover an exercise that is extremely beneficial to gaining speed on guitar. This exercise can essentially give you superpowers, and that is not really a joke!

In the previous post on the minor pentatonic scale, I discussed the concept of position playing.  The basic concept is that each finger is only going to play notes that are on 1 fret.

This exercise is going to utilize that idea to great end.

Basically, we are going to play the fret under each finger, starting with your index finger, on up to your pinky.

The exercise can be found in tab on the accompanying PDF document.

1234 Exercise 1


Tips for this exercise

  • To really get the most out of this, be sure to use alternate picking, that is, don’t pick only downwards or only upwards. Go back and forth, in a steady down/up motion.
  • Keep your fretting fingers as close to the fingerboard as you can when they are not fretting a note. You don’t want your other fingers to be super far away, as this can slow you down later on
  • Practice this SLOWLY with a metronome. I recommend starting at 50bpm, playing quarter notes until you can play it perfectly.
  • Make each note as big and round as possible, don’t let off the note you are playing until the next tone is basically already sounding

Hope this helps you on your journey to guitar mastery! This exercise doesn’t sound very pretty, so don’t spend a crazy amount of time on it. You will see the best results by practicing this every single day, for 10 minutes maximum. Try practicing this at the beginning of your guitar sesh, sort of like eating your veggies first!





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