Minor Pentatonic

In this lesson, we will be learning the minor pentatonic scale.

This scale has been used in all kinds of music, and is used with great effect in rock and roll. I would love it if someone would tally up the millions of records sold, and dollars earned, that have been earned with this scale.

Let’s dig in.

The Scale

This scale will be played at the 5th fret, starting on the 6th string. We will use position playing. This means that each of our fretting hand fingers will be responsible for playing the notes on only 1 fret, so that we aren’t shifting all over the neck.

In ex. 1 of the accompanying PDF you will find the neck diagram of the minor pentatonic scale. Read each string from lowest fret (played by our index finger) to higher fret (played by either our ring or pinky fingers) and continue on up (towards the floor) until the high E string.

Minor Pentatonic

Practice Tips

  • Play through the scale as slowly as it takes to make zero mistakes. Be honest with yourself about mistakes! They are ok, but we don’t want to solidify a mistake!
  • Once you have the scale learned, try testing yourself by playing it 5 times in a row (up and down) without any mistakes. How many times can you play it without making a mistake?
  • Play through the scale 5 times every single day, as the first thing you do when you practice.


In the next post I will discuss and demonstrate more ways to practice the minor pentatonic scale, as well as how to use it for soloing!


Happy practicing!

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