First Fret

This method has been developed through years of trial by fire with students, seeing what works and what doesn’t. Students often get bored with the usual method of learning an instrument, ie. “Here are 3 notes, and here is a nursery rhyme”.

Students want to learn guitar to play guitar music.

Every student I have had thinks guitar is cool, which it totally is, so why not learn cool songs to learn how to play? This method is designed to have you playing immediately, from the very first lesson, while teaching you chords, scales, songs, popular guitar riffs, and music theory for guitar!


Pete fell in love with guitar at age 9, after seeing a high school jazz band concert featuring a guitar (which actually turned out to be an electric bass…oops!). Through adolescence Pete played in numerous rock and jazz bands, performing all over the Kansas City area.

He received his Associate’s degree in guitar performance from the famed GIT in Hollywood, CA, as well as a Bachelor degree in Jazz studies from the University of Kansas. While he isn’t playing or teaching music, Pete enjoys spending time with his fiancee, Estarah, and their two cats: Pat and Tilda.