Uptown Blues

In today’s post we will be discussing some ways to make your blues soloing a little more tasty!

The scale we will be learning and working with today is a variation on the regular minor pentatonic scale. We talked about it Here.


Make sure you are familiar with the regular pentatonic scale, and are comfortable soloing with it before moving on to today’s scale.


I call this scale the Uptown Pentatonic just because of how it sounds. It really is just a regular minor pentatonic, but with a Major 6th instead of the flat 7th. This gives it a distinct sound, and can be used very effectively!

You can find the scale here: Uptown Pentatonic

Try playing this scale over an A Dorian backing track, like this one: A Dorian

I hope this scale gives you a fresh look at soloing over blues progressions!

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